A four-storey 40ft control tower on a former RAF weapons range has been transformed into an unlikely holiday let in Friskney, Lincolnshire.

RAF Wainfleet is the famous site where pilots trained for the Dambuster mission and the Ministry of Defence developed the bouncing bomb during the Second World War.

When the air base closed in 2010, local farmer Will Roughton bought the buildings, and felt he had to preserve the area's rich military history:

"We always had an affiliation with the place, so when it came up for sale, we thought why not? The local village can come up here whenever it's free and enjoy the views. That was really the idea behind holiday lets, so that everyone can enjoy it."

The iconic control tower, built in the 1970s, now boasts a kitchen, toilet, three lobbies and landings, two bedrooms and a living room with panoramic views of the wash.

RAF Wainfleet
The control tower is where bomber pilots trained during the Second World War

Local holiday letting agent from cottages.com, Victoria Schofield believes the unusual holiday let ticks all the boxes:

"Time is precious, so we want to go somewhere that gives fantastic memories and you can talk about to your friends."

RAF Wainfleet
If you don't have a head for heights, there's always the jacuzzi at the bottom to enjoy