10 Things You Need To Know About RAF Akrotiri
  1. RAF Akrotiri is one of four British bases in Cyprus within the Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri. It’s the only RAF Station on the island, the others bases include Episkopi, Dheklia and Ayios Nikolaos.
  2. The first 30 personnel arrived at Akrotiri in 1955 when the island’s former airport at Nicosia was closed due to terrorist activity.  
  3. RAF Akrotiri is 260 miles from Aleppo in Syria – very convenient for launching operations over the country.
  4. RAF Akrotiri has one resident squadron 84 Squadron which fly the Griffin HAR 2 supporting British Forces in Cyprus and the wider Cypriot and International Community.
  5. The station has its own ranges and mock urban training compound in place.
  6. RAF Akrotiri has been involved in operations in the Middle East for many years. 24 hour operations were launched in 2003 during the Gulf War which saw more than 15,000 aircraft movements that year. The station was used as the air bridge into Afghanistan during Operation Herrick and was a staging base for support aircraft involved in Operation Ellamy over Libya in 2011.
  7. Operation Shader has seen the station absorb more than 860 extra personnel
  8. Following the terror attacks in Paris, Britain offered the French Air Force use of RAF Akrotiri. The French are currently flying from Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and its aircraft carrier. Russia are using Latakia airbase in Western Syria and the United States have been using Incirlik in Turkey since August.
  9. RAF Akrotiri has been used for many years as the winter training ground for the Red Arrows. They trained in Greece in 2015 because of Operational demands on the station.  
  10. The Station’s mission statement is "Support Operations Today, Prepare for Tomorrow".