Buy A Falklands Veteran
The Ministry of Defence is selling a Royal Fleet Auxiliary ship that first served during the Falklands War.
RFA Diligence was a forward repair ship that was first chartered by the government in 1982 to support the Royal Navy during the war.
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It was later bought outright, having served as a support ship for North Sea oil rigs, and served as a fleet maintenance vessel.
Diligence has supported the Trafalgar-class submarines on duty east of Suez and assisted the damaged USS Tripoli and USS Princeton during the Gulf War in 1991.
She also helped in the repairs of HMS Southampton following collision damage.
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An officer cabin
The ship was given a £16 million overhaul in 2007, with an upgrade of the living areas, galley and engine room.
The overhaul came after the longest deployment by the RFA in recent times.
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An officer bathroom
Diligence left Portsmouth in 2001 and didn’t return until November 2006.
During that time, she visited 25 different countries and travelled 150,000 miles crossing the Mediterranean, Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean, South China Sea and the Atlantic.
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The galley
She is described as being in good overall condition and is moored at Bidstone Dock in Birkenhead.
Prospective buyers are told to provide a summary of no more than 500 words with their further use proposal, which should include what the vessel will be used for and its final location.
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Crew mess room
Any party interested in acquiring it should e-mail: and no later than 17.00hrs (GMT) on Monday 26th September 2016.