HMS Dragon

HMS Dragon arrived back to Portsmouth today, firing a 17-gun salute marking the First Sea Lord’s presence.

The Type 45 destroyer sailed back into her home port after completing a series of exercises off the South West coast and off the coast of Scotland.

HMS Dragon
HMS Dragon as she sailed home to Portsmouth / Photo: Royal Navy

To observe the special occasion of Admiral Sir Phillip Jones being in Portsmouth, the rare gun salute was then given.

The guns fired represent the seniority of the recipient. For comparison, Her Majesty the Queen would receive 19.

hms dragon
HMS Dragon and her eye-catching artwork

Lieutenant John Richardson, Principle Warfare Officer on HMS Dragon said:

“Gun salutes are rarely done except for an event of great occasion. The Commanding Officer took this opportunity to salute the First Sea Lord who is in Portsmouth as we return home today.”

Cover photo: Royal Navy