HMS Albion

It was 2011 when HMS Albion was laid up in Devonport, mothballed by the government in the strategic defence review.

Fast forward and the warship is set to leave Plymouth following an extensive refit beginning sea trials off the south-west coast.

HMS Albion is ready for the sea, complete with £90m of upgrades and a new ship's company.

"All my people are preparing the ship to go back to sea," says Commanding Officer, Captain Tim Neild.

"It'll be the first time this ship has left Plymouth harbour for six years.

"We're all looking forward... to putting the ship through its paces."

The crew have been working to make sure she's fit to sail this afternoon, with some of them are fresh out of basic training.

HMS Albion was mothballed by the government in 2011.

In 2015 Babcock Marine began the mammoth task of bringing her back to a sea ready state.

Among the improvements include the phalanx close in weapons system and a new propulsion cooling system.

The refit is expected to ensure the ship is able to serve into the 2030s.

Albion will be undergoing sea trials for the next six weeks, and she's expected to become the fleet flagship by the end of the year.

HMS Albion sailing for the first time in six years.