The British Army has released a set of new adverts in its latest recruitment campaign.

The new theme is 'belonging' - with the camaraderie of forces life emphasised, particularly in times of hardship.

The first sees a young soldier sitting in driving rain, before being given a hot drink and a bit of encouragement from one of his comrades. Just click below to watch...

It marks a shift in focus from previous campaigns, which have focused on the more exciting aspects of forces life or used reverse psychology to challenge young people to better themselves.

The second video in the campaign, meanwhile, sees troops helping each other through a snowy march, both physically and mentally:

The Army will hope for a better return from the advert than in 2014, when at least £2 million was spent on encouraging recruitment for the Army Reserve, but only 140 reservists reportedly joined up in the next six months.

It comes, meanwhile, as some have expressed fears over the potential impact of cuts to British Army regimental museums on recruitment.

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