Corporal Josh Hoole

Corporal's Father Asks For Inquest Into Death To Be Re-Opened 

The father of a soldier who died during an Army fitness test has asked for his son’s inquest to be re-opened, after a report concluded the death was an "unforeseen tragedy".

Corporal Josh Hoole, 26, was serving in the Rifles regiment when he died last year in Brecon, after collapsing on a pre-course training from the Platoons Sergeants' Battle Course.

A probe into the incident concluded the cause of his death was "within the definition of sudden arrhythmogenic death syndrome (SADS)" - a condition that affects the heart.

Cpl Hoole’s father has said in a statement that the report left "more questions than answers".


Russian MoD Mixup: Employee Posts Video Game Screenshots As "Irrefutable Proof" Of US and IS Collusion

The Russian Ministry of Defence website has removed photos it claimed were "irrefutable proof" of US collusion with IS after it turns out they were screenshots from a video game.

The ministry claimed the images showed US forces aiding IS forces leaving a Syrian town last week. However, the photos actually came from the smartphone game AC-130 Gunship Simulator: Special Ops Squadron.

The ministry said an employee had mistakenly attached the photo.

Russia alleges the US-led coalition refused cooperation requests and "eliminating fleeing IS convoys".


Zimbabwe's Military Takes Custody of Mugabe But Insists It's Not a Coup

Zimbabwe's army has sought to reassure the country that "this is not a military takeover" amid a night of unrest.

Soldiers overran the national broadcaster, ZBC to assure the public that President Robert Mugabe was safe and they are, "only targeting criminals around him who are committing crimes".

British nationals in Zimbabwe's capital Harare are being advised to stay indoors amid reports of "unusual military activity".

Cover photo: PA