Captain Birdseye

The world-famous Captain Birdseye has, according to a keen-eyed military historian, been demoted to Lieutenant.

Paddy Stevenson, posting on the brand’s Facebook page, suggested that the military hero, who had “been a beacon and role model” to Stevenson, might have been demoted following a court-martial.

A recent image of the Captain showed him sporting just two stripes on his uniform, suggesting that he must be a much lower rank than his name suggests.

In his tongue-in-cheek Facebook post, Paddy suggests that this “wonderful man be reinstated to his proper rank” to save further confusion.


A spokesperson for Birds Eye responding to the claims said:

"Paddy, it’s clear the Captain can’t sail anything past you – he does regularly alternate his uniform.

"Why? Well, Captain Birds Eye isn’t one to brag about his sailing feats (only his freshly caught fish!).

"Living a life on the seven seas takes the Captain to places far away from home and, to keep himself grounded, he often chooses to wear his humble beginnings on his sleeve, quite literally. At the captain’s table there is no ranking.

"As a modest leader, he opts for a more approachable day-to-day look, wearing his lieutenant’s uniform with pride to reassure his fellow comrades that you don’t need stripes to enjoy good fish."