More than 100 soldiers from the Small Arms School Corps (SASC) celebrated being granted the Freedom of Brecon by parading through the town.

The SASC at the Infantry Battle School, Dering Lines, Brecon, provides world-class training in weapons handling and live-firing exercises.

They are the smallest corps in the British Army and unique in the fact that all its officers, barring the CO, are raised from the ranks.

The Powys town granted the SASC the honour in recognition of its 25-year close relationship with the corps officers, soldiers and families.

Small Arms School Corps, Brecon
Town Mayor, Councillor Rose Evans, inspects the troops

Throughout the town centre, known as the Bulwark, flags were flown and locals turned out in force to show their support. 

Major Chris Rose from SASC reflected:

"I think that many of our people come here at a relatively early age. They've married into the Brecon community, we've lots of Welsh wives, people work here and in the town centre, lots of children are schooled here. We've just become part of Brecon."

Although the Army HQ for wales is set to leave Brecon, the SASC is going to stay and the town has shown today, just how much they mean to them.