An off-duty British soldier has revealed how he used battlefield training to save victims of Saturday's terrorist attack in London.

Lieutenant Jared Bambridge, of 1st Battalion, the Yorkshire Regiment, ran towards danger to tend to stab victims, saving a 51-year-old man with two knife wounds.

He helped 10 of the wounded over more than two hours, just a short distance from where the three attackers were about to be shot dead by police.

The 23-year-old told Forces News:

"Going from walking home from the theatre in chinos and a shirt to having my hand clamped over a double stab wound victim happened in the space of 30 seconds."

"The thing that helped me out most was the ability to remain calm in the scenario. There were lots of people panicking."

Lt Bambridge, from York, heard shots ring out after leaving the Globe theatre, where he had taken his girlfriend to see 'Romeo and Juliet' for her birthday.

After he had ensured her safety by putting her in a pub, he began to tend to victims of the attack. 

He got the 51-year-old victim to ambulances near London Bridge and then rushed back into the inner police cordon a number of times to help more people in need.

Lt Jared Bambridge

The soldier, who passed out of Sandhurst in April last year and joined his regiment in November, also helped a second woman with a large stomach wound and began giving CPR for around 30 minutes.

He later joined a police officer and medic with a defibrillator to save more victims.

Lt Bambridge was back at work on Monday.