A group of women has come to the aid of a military museum by giving new bodies to military men from centuries ago.

Richmond's Green Howards Museum recently underwent a major refit, but couldn't afford to buy new display models for its extensive collection of uniforms.

It put out a plea for help to anyone who could create new mannequins for each of its 47 jackets - and the call was answered by a team of eight women. Zoe Utley said:

"Some of the items at the moment... don't look like they're worn by real people. They just look so limp and lifeless. But once you've actually got a body in there, it looks realistic. It's so important for helping people to imagine someone actually wearing it [a uniform]."

The group set to work with a good deal of sewing experience, but none making mannequins for historic military uniforms.

Sue Gibbons said:

"I've never used a curved needle before, so I've stuck my fingers a few times!"

Many of the jackets were bespoke, meanwhile, so making mannequins to fit them reveals how their owner would have looked.

Yvonne Kriwacek said: "This morning we just had a lifeless jacket. Now, we have a personality. He looks arrogant - it's given him his personality back."

Creating the 47 mannequins will take some time, but the team are intent the bodies they make for their men are just right.