A self-catering resort in Aviemore, Scotland dedicated to those with a military connection has opened its first suite for disabled visitors. 

Situated in the heart of the Cairngorm Mountains, Rothiemurchus Lodge had been forced up to now to turn down disabled visitors.

Fortunately, the facilities there have now been expanded so that wounded veterans will be able to enjoy the idyllic views and natural beauty of the national park. 

Two views of Loch Etchachan in the Cairgorms (images by Donald Thomas and Nigel Brown)

Emergency alarms, handrails, and an access ramp are just a few of the new additions included in the recent upgrades.

Captain Chris Smith, Chairman of the Rothiemurchus Lodge Committee, said that it was a case of converting a portion of the site into a worthwhile facility with a mind to making the lodge more inclusive:

"The lodge has been providing accommodation for the widest possible service family, cadets and veterans for many many years, and clearly the last few years we've all become much more aware of the needs of our veterans in particular from a disabled perspective."

It's a sentiment that was echoed by Legion Scotland Chief Executive Kevin Gray:

"As a result of service, some of our armed forces family suffer life changing injuries, and they should not be excluded for any reason whatsoever in being able to come forward with their friends, family, and their colleagues - their comrades, their friends - in order to join in with the activities." 

The progress made on expanding disabled access is not the only adaptation being made.

Plans are in place to also install an education centre.

Cover image: Lis Burke