Second Battalion Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment paraded through the streets of Lancaster today, kickstarting a spate of freedom parades to mark the return of the whole battalion to the North West of England.

Over the past year they’ve had companies deployed in the Falklands, Cyprus and Iraq. Today was an opportunity for the people of Lancaster to welcome them home.

Local school children lined the streets with homemade flags and the police were doing a good job at warming up the crowd

Over the past year members of the battalion have served all over the world from the Falklands to Iraq.

The coming months will be spent preparing for their new role as one of five specialised infantry battalions. 

Their job is to train, advise, assist, mentor and accompany operations with indigenous forces.

According to tradition, the CO must begin by requesting permission from the Mayor to march through the streets of the city with “flags flying, drums beating and bayonets fixed”.